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Lasting color even after many times of machine-washing. Polyester surface feels like soft linen.

Dyed Polyester

FREEASY® always stay true to ourselves and what we stand for, constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the top quality.

Best in Class

Carefully selected the right material to produce a bean bag that could withstand incredible pressure. Thanks to the mechanism of the fabric lining. FREEASY Original bean bag would survive even been poked by a pen/pencil accidentally.


Regardless of buying it as movie chair, video gaming chair, loveseat, daybed, floor pillow, lazy chair or even as a s_x chair, this bean bag is ready for action!

Versatile Design

Indulge your body into this large bean bag that will molds to your body seamlessly. It can be configured to soothe your needs. Try it if you can't sleep well sometimes. 


Furkids like it too! The bean bag comes with a removable inner liner that made of water repellent eco-friendly non-woven. Just pull the inner liner with filling out from the wide enclosure and machine-wash the bean bag cover when necessary. 


The 50" enclosure is made of #5 zipper and 2" Velcro. Customers with young children are advised to use a cable tie to zip-lock both sliders preventing children from accessing the inner bag and bean bag filling. When a child/pregnant woman/senior citizen/disabled people are using the bean bag, supervision is always required. 




Select a desired color. 




Checkout online or buy direct via Whatsapp by bank transfer. 

Free delivery within Klang Valley.

Variety Colors









Facebook Reviews

ChiMei Ho

Bought it as a birthday surprise for the husband, he loves it and can easily fall asleep on it! I love the quality too and bought an extra bean bag cover. Excellent and efficient service from Joe as everything is communicated via WhatsApp. Will definitely buy from Freeasy again if we want more bean bags!

Elaine Yap

FREEASY service is efficient, fast & friendly. Just got my item #70 & my boy just cant wait to get on it..it is big & comfort for us to relax & enjoy our bed time stories.

Amirul Azha Onexox

Aku baru beli supreme bean bag, memang puah hati, sampai2 kat rumah, terkejut beruk gua, bapak besor gila benda alah nye.. Nyaman jek bila bareng.. Service pon bereh, deal kat messengger je kot.. Tak yah ragu2 la brg tak sampai ke, ape ke.. Untuk freeasy.beanbag, nama pon free, klu ada benda free nak kasi, u got my address.. BEST WOO!!!

Rina Rahman

i love freeasy beanbag...i thought it just small beanbag...but its big n comfort...i really like it...tq freeasy.

Wan Nur Atikah

I'm in love with Original bean bag but I guess my baby love it more as it seems to be his favorite spot now. The #70 supposed to be hubby's birthday present!

Kavitha Mohana Sundaram

I received my 70# Bean Bag...I really love it...Freeasy service was very fast & efficient... Keep up the good work...I feel very happy and satisfied with their friendly service...:)

Aku Ater

Item #70 well received within 24hrs. Great customer services. Freeasy help me with wishing card to surprise my wife for her birthday gift. She been asking for many times and glad that finally to have it. She loves it and my kids too.

Thank you.

Han Wei

After spending more than a year looking for a comfortable and affordable beanie. Bought 1 from this site and have decided to get the 2nd piece in 2 weeks. AWESOME beanie bag!

Victoria Cuthbertson

Recently purchased a supreme bean bag and love it! Very comfortable size for an adult, and am positive at least 2 primary school-sized kids would fit with ease. All communication via Whatsapp was helpful and quick. Highly recommend Freeasy!

สันหลังยาว โชคดี ผู้หญิง

I will surely enjoy my relaxing time from now on coz The Bean Bag is on the hauz!!! But my son and my BOSS (hubby) is more enjoying than me!! Hahahaha!!! Thank you FREEASY!!!

Hmmmm...thinking to bring it to the beach next time...

Justin Tan

Joe had the patience to explain to me the drastic difference in Nylon and Polyester Bean Bags, recommended me the #70 and loving it ever since. Thanks, bro Joe. Excellent product and service, snappy delivery too!

Izzat Arslan

Great product. Totally beyond expectation. And the bean bag was delivered way earlier than it should! Pleasure doing business with Freeasy!

Jeremy Choy

Definitely loving the design they chose to give me, and not to mention about that huge size of it. Really really comfortable material, it has became my favorite spot (a movable one) to relax at home. good job guys!

Aziah Eleena

Love the color and it is sooooo comfortable and most importantly superb quality.

Imelda Ferdinand

Loved it!! ❤️ Highly recommended!! Convenient and easy to move around. It's not even heavy at all!! It is so comfortable that i can sit, lay down or enjoy at any position i want plus i get to play with my cat on it. Strong material!

Noor Afzan Mohamed Yusof

The best beanbag experience. I would just like to say that I've never been more comfortable watching TV and hanging out in my life - Fast delivery, great follow up, amazing customer service and pricing. Keep up a good work!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 100+ Facebook Review